Hi guys,

As said in the title, I take a break.
I'm not into AAA anymore, even though the lot of news recently. I don't know why but they don't thrill me as they used to. I don't understand why and I can't explain. I've just noticed that I didn't care about the news, pictures, music and I was even tired of checking Chiaki's blog ! (I loved her so much before!). I hope you can understand that I need to leave this community for a moment. Maybe forever, maybe not. It's possible that on a morning, I wake up and miss AAA, Nissy's smile, Misako's thin body, Naoya's hat, Mitsuhiro's cat face, Shinjiro's shyness, Shuta's dimples or Chiaki's manners. Why not ?

For now, I leave this blog and my livejournal community. Don't expect me soon.
Hope you'll understand (シ_ _)シ